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Sep 11 Case Study: Activewear Fashion [Confidential]

This activewear fashion company captures $110,363.75 of online revenue in August 2016 from our Organic SEO and Conversion Optimization services. That's an over 2,000% increase from $5,210.15 in October 2015.


This particular client is a U.S. based activewear fashion company with strong traditional or offline distribution channels. The management, however, realized there had been a meteoric rise and growth of digital fashion disrupting and crushing traditional retail models. In 2013, they decided to work with a digital agency that unfortunately mismanaged the campaign and provided substandard work resulting in a search engine algorithm penalty in 2014 that wiped out virtually 90% of the organic search traffic to their e-commerce site. In late 2015, they came to us after being referred by one of our long-time clients.


Our first priority was to identify and isolate the various technical issues that caused the algorithmic penalty. We assigned this project to one of our most experienced SEO team members to pinpoint the exact causes of this penalty and implement changes to reverse the damage. On the next crawl and re-index, our client experienced a full recovery and even much higher levels of visibility than pre-penalty periods. Simultaneously, we analyzed our clients’ competitors, conducted a thorough site audit, launched our enterprise-grade SEO campaign that was specifically designed for retail e-commerce sites. We also have our Conversion Optimization team to work together with our client to prioritize Conversion Optimization initiatives, create a strong workflow, and implement SEO and Conversion Optimization tactics according to schedule. This allowed our client to reap the benefits of enhanced visibility prior to their peak season of business, between Summer and Fall 2016.


Our client has seen growth in organic search visibility (18 keywords ranked on Google’s first 2 pages in October 2015, 650+ keywords ranked on Google’s first two pages in August 2016) and organic search traffic (from 692 organic visitors in October 2015 to 11,325 organic visitors in August 2016over 1,500% increase). This resulted in increased monthly revenue from $5,210.15 in October 2015 to $110,363.75 in August 2016 (over 2,000% increase). Our Conversion Optimization campaign was one of the main keys to this huge success. We were able to reduce the shopping cart abandonment rate from approximately 72% in October 2015 to just under 18% in August 2016. At the same period, their AOV (Average Order Value) went up from $108.77 per order in October 2015 to $456.05 per order in August 2016.


e-commerce conversion case study, fashion e-commerce conversion

Written by:

Dieter Hsiao

Co-Founder / Managing Partner

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