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May 25 Case Study: Contemporary Women’s Wear Brand [Confidential]


This particular client is a Los Angeles based women’s contemporary apparel with manufacturing facilities in Asia. Their products sold both online and offline, mainly through major retailers such as ASOS, Martha Stewart, Nordstrom, Anthropologie, Free People and many more. This brand was facing some challenges in improving the performance of their online retail based orders. The annual online sales had been relatively stagnant for the past three years regardless of any marketing efforts the brand had done internally. This brand hired us in early 2018 to help increase their brand awareness and break their sales plateau.



We began with an end-to-end analysis by looking into their historical data in the last 3-years to get insights on their visitors, customers, sales funnel and all of their existing advertising channels. We found out that the brand had numerous major issues mainly the lack of data-driven protocols and the mechanism to ensure that customers receive enough actionable call-to-actions to flow within the site. We implemented various changes to make sure the customers get the best online shopping experience possible as well as having strong organic and paid advertising campaign tactics in place. The brand’s initial target goal was to increase the number of product sold by at least 35% throughout 2018 (in a one year period).



By the end of 2018, this brand’s online store sold 129% more items in 2018 vs 2017, way exceeding the goal of 35%. This brand continues to enjoy the rapid sales growth and scale up under our guidance in 2019 so far and project to reach 15,000 in the number of products sold.

ecommerce case study, fashion marketing case study

Written by:

Dieter Hsiao

Co-Founder / Managing Partner

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