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Jun 30 Case Study: Fashion Jewelry Brand [Confidential]


This particular brand [Log on HERE to see brand information] is an early-stage startup jewelry brand out of California. Like most early-stage startups in the U.S., it can be extremely challenging to establish the right business and revenue models that are sustainable, predictable, and scalable, especially without any historical data about the market.


As their digital business advisory and mentor, we’ve helped this brand all the way from the early stage of conception, market research, and planning to go-to-market and scaling strategies.

The brand launched its website in Dec 2019. We immediately had to test several marketing channels to identify the right and highest converting channel for them. By utilizing our proprietary A.I. powered Business Intelligence technology managed by our Enterprise Data Science Group, we were able to shorten evaluation cycles, set short-term goals, and align those goals with startup progress. Short evaluation cycles are very critical to release and evaluate updates quickly so the brand can make sure they are investing in a roadmap that will get them closer to growth maximization and strong profitability in the future.


  • Within just 6 months, we were able to generate traffic by 107,290 visitors coming from multiple channels: Organic Search, FB Ad, Instagram Ad, Google Shopping, and more.

jewelry marketing case study, digital marketing for jewelry brands

  • After running some extensive ad testings in the first 3-4 months to identify the right target audience on all digital advertising platforms and fine-tune the ad campaign strategy, we’ve successfully taken the brand from $0 to six-figure monthly revenue in less than 6 months since the brand launching.

Written by:

Dieter Hsiao

Co-Founder / Managing Partner

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