Feb 24 Case Study: Organic Revenue Growth for a Major Retail Chain (Confidential)


This client is a major footwear retailer. Its online competitive market space is packed with strong competitors on both national and international stages. The primary digital revenue channels (from the highest to the lowest) were PPC (Google Adwords), E-mail Marketing, Remarketing, and Direct and Organic Search.

Due to constant increase in PPC costs, this client’s PPC budget was no longer enough to achieve full visibility for the search volume on the necessary keywords. We devised a strong organic search strategy to compensate for the performance and revenue decrease from the PPC costs. We also aimed to achieve four key goals: (1) increase new, relevant website traffic, (2) increase the number of conversions, (3) increase the revenue generated, and (4) increase brand visibility.


We aimed to achieve success in the highly competitive organic search channel and hit our ROI goals within a 12-month period. We immediately focused on increasing the number of organic keywords ranked on Google Page 1 and Page 2 by 75% (over 4,000 keywords).  We also focused on driving the most relevant search traffic to the most suited landing pages to increase engagement and conversions. Due to the quality of the organic keyword group we were targeting, we projected the quarterly revenue would go up between 125-175%.


6 months into the campaign, the total number of organic keywords ranked on Google Page 1 and Page 2 grew from 2,300+ keywords to 3,400+ keywords. By the end of the 12-month period, the total number of organic keywords rose to almost 4,500 keywords. The increase in the number of organic keywords ranked on Google dramatically affected the overall traffic and revenue of the site. What we didn’t expect was a huge increase of organic search based revenue from $1.1MM in Q1 to $5.9MM in Q4 (+435%)This revenue is exclusively from Organic Search, and did not include PPC, Social Ads, or other sources. A research done by WBR Digital in 2016 revealed that the primary sources of customer acquisition in retail e-commerce, especially for mid-market and large enterprises, are still Organic Search Marketing and E-mail Marketing. It’s very important for every online retailer to make sure they allocate enough marketing budget and resources onto these two sources if they want to keep growing their customer base and generating strong digital revenue.



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Written by:

Dieter Hsiao

Co-Founder / Managing Partner

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