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Mar 28 Case Study: How Search Visibility Directly Impacts Customer Acquisition and Revenue [Confidential]

Some of the most frequently asked questions in the fashion industry are about Search Visibility and why it matters. Many fashion brands fail to see the massive benefit of investing in Search Engine Marketing or Search Engine Optimization. They either do not know how to properly harness the power of Search to grow their customer acquisition and revenue, or they work with a digital or SEO agency that doesn’t have the skills and experience to optimize a retail e-commerce website. The fashion niche, in general, is a very tough, competitive niche. Optimizing a fashion e-commerce site is a whole different game compared to optimizing websites in other niches. Trying to rank for big keywords and other traditional SEO methods WILL NOT WORK for Fashion. Not only it would be extremely expensive due to the high competition, but some big keywords might not translate into good CTR (Click through Rate) and conversion (weak commercial intent). If you don’t do it correctly, you will not see the ROI you’re looking for.



This particular client of ours is a fashion online retailer based in the U.K. While they are a relatively successful fashion brand through brick-and-mortar stores and offline distribution, their online store had been performing poorly. Prior to working with us, they had been working with two different SEO agencies that failed to deliver results. We had to deal with the possibility having to fix poor SEO practices before this client could gain better Search visibility. Let’s take a look at the below screenshot of one of our clients’ BigCommerce report in their first month with us:

Fashion SEO, SEO for retail ecommerce

Almost every basic KPI in the above report is underwhelming, especially for a company who has been selling online for over 3 years.


We aimed to achieve success in the highly competitive organic search channel and hit our ROI goals within a 12-month period.  We focused on optimizing the entire e-commerce platform, internal structure, product pages, and product copies. We also corrected the previous poor SEO practices and reversed the damage as best as we could.



By the end of Month-11, all the KPIs showed significant improvements in almost all aspects:

  • The number of Visits increased by 4,144% from 985 (Mar 2016) to 41,806 (Feb 2017)
  • The Average Order Value (AOV) increased from $116.12 (Mar 2016) to $146.05 (Feb 2017)
  • The number of Customers increased by 521% from 33 (Mar 2016) to 205 (Feb 2017)
  • The Online Revenue increased by 678% from $3,832 (Mar 2016) to $29,794 (Feb 2017)

SEO for fashion, SEO for retail e-commerce

*NOTE: The Conversion Rate, however, went down from 2.44% to .28% due to the website’s conversion issues, which will be our top priority in the next coming months. Initially, the client only hired us to improve their Search Visibility but now they’ve decided to have us optimize their entire sales funnel and conversion.

Written by:

Dieter Hsiao

Co-Founder / Managing Partner

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