Dec 06 DIVISA Announces Brand Builder Fashion Digital Marketing Service

The Innovative New Service is Ideal for Young and Emerging Fashion Brands in the United States

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / December 6, 2016 / The founders of DIVISA, a full-service fashion brand consulting agency, are excited to announce the launch of their new Brand Builder Fashion Digital Marketing service for young and emerging fashion brands in the United States.

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As Managing Partner and DIVISA Co-Founder Dieter Hsiao noted, the new service has been tailored specifically for brands within their early years of operation that have just received investment capital, or are in the position to hire their first employee, and are looking to attain stronger brand positioning within the digital space.

“The Brand Builder Fashion Digital Marketing program is an all-encompassing service that combines digital marketing, creative content creation, and consulting aimed at creating a strong foundation for digital growth,” Hsiao said.

“Our goal isn’t to keep a brand in this program; it is to graduate them to stronger campaigns that will push them to the multi-million dollar mark of online revenue.”

For fashion brands trying to enter and disrupt the fashion market, the current entry barriers are becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with. As Hsiao noted, to take a brand from a grass roots level to a successful multi-million company takes much more than creativity and branding. Even the big fashion names with healthy budgets are having a hard time figuring out how to compete in today’s omni-channel fashion environment.

Currently, in the digital era of fashion where the tools needed to compete and grow have crossed so far over into the technical realm, most “fashion” people are having a hard time keeping up, Hsiao said.

“This means they are now left with two options: run it all in-house or work with a strong digital partner. Each option comes with its own set of challenges,” he said, adding that setting up an in-house digital department requires both the tools and the talents to manage sophisticated strategies, and most business owners would be looking at an initial investment of over $2 million to set it up.

“On the other hand, typically, to find a service with this level of digital marketing, creative, and operational technicality would be very expensive and unattainable for smaller brands to afford.”

As an entrepreneurial spirited agency, Hsiao and his team from DIVISA strongly believe all brands should have the ability to compete.

“Our new Brand Builder Fashion Digital Marketing program was designed to seek out and help build the next big players in the fashion industry,” he said.

To maintain the quality of this service, only 25 brands a year will be selected to be a part of this program- and it is limited to 18 months, at which point the brand should be ready to graduate to a stronger digital campaign.


DIVISA is an international fashion consulting agency that was founded by successful entrepreneurs. Their team has worked on high-level campaigns for major brands, celebrities and fashion studios. Their infrastructure allows them to provide enterprise marketing solutions and high-volume fashion photography for even the largest clients. For more information, please visit //


Dieter Hsiao



Written by:

Dieter Hsiao

Co-Founder / Managing Partner

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