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Strategic, Advisory and Management Consulting for Fashion, Beauty and Luxury Brands

What We Do

DIVISA is the first fashion brand consulting agency of its kind. Operating on a global scale, we help brands enter and establish a foothold within the USA market – not just as a foreign brand importing and exporting to and from the USA market, but as a home-grown USA brand. We are a full-service agency with the resources necessary to strategically develop and manage sophisticated omni-channel solutions.


Brand Development


fashion usa market entry, fashion brand developmentThe United States is unlike anywhere else in the world. The market has hit maturity and brands are no longer able to blandly “sell” their products and services to consumers. Personality and brand image now reign supreme. Brands must adapt themselves to these success determinants or be left behind by those who do.


DIVISA helps brands develop themselves into known, respected, and loved names across the USA. With access to Big Data, industry research, major trade publications, forecasting reports, demographic reports, periodicals, and more from the fashion industry, DIVISA assists brands in establishing their names to consumer markets, predicting market opportunities, and navigating the diverse pockets of culture and social norms that exist throughout the country.



luxury us market entry, digital marketingE-commerce accounts for over 10% of retail sales in the USA, and that figure continues to grow at a rate of over 15% annually. Smart e-commerce deployment and marketing is now an essential part of any brand wishing to grow revenue consistently and stay relevant into the years and decades ahead.


DIVISA helps brands plan, develop, and deploy state-of-the-art USA e-commerce platforms that can be used as digital foundations for years and decades to come. Once established, DIVISA helps brands market their e-commerce platforms through all major online channels, including social media, search engines, blogs, online communities, and news publications. From there, DIVISA helps brands optimize their platforms by leveraging big-data analytics, competitive intelligence tools, and expert qualitative assessment to create and test actionable plans based on key performance indicators.

Omni-Channel Marketing


fashion omnichannel marketingCreating a seamless omni-channel experience between brick-and-mortar and e-commerce distribution channels is the key to running a successful brand in the USA. Brands can no longer exist in just one place or use just one marketing channel. Consumers demand variety, from local mom-and-pop shop accessibility to next-gen wholesaling smartphone apps. Brands that ignore these demands will struggle to capitalize on the full potential of the USA retail market.


DIVISA helps brands create omni-channel marketing strategies. We facilitate everything a brand needs to set up a retail operation in the USA, and we integrate that operation seamlessly into the digital world. Individual marketing strategies like inventory management and optimization, supply chain management, distribution channel optimization, order fulfillment management, customer experience management and tradeshow/event management all work together to break down barriers and connect brick-and-mortar to digital and beyond.



creative usa market entry, photography usa market entryFashion brands require lots of creative work. Every creative asset must maintain a strict level of artistic quality to promote the brand at hand. Delegating creative work to non-creative agencies is not a viable strategy for a brand that wishes to maintain a strong reputation in the eyes of consumers.


DIVISA helps brands to conceptualize and develop all creative assets necessary to display their products and portray a precisely-crafted identity while doing so. Our in-house creative team understands the complexity of creative markets and adapts their creative skill sets to craft unique high-end fashion imagery for any desired brand image. Our team handles all creative tasks like product photography, fashion editorial photo shoots, content creation, e-commerce design and development, media outreach, and social media marketing to create a consistent foundation of elegance and beauty for your brand.


A market so large commands fierce competition. The USA retail market is also the most competitive in the world. For fashion, beauty and luxury brands, deep pockets are no longer enough to succeed. DIVISA works with your brand to overcome entry barriers to the USA market and establish a firm foothold for prosperity and growth.

The USA retail market is far and away the most valuable in the world. With a market cap of over $4 trillion and a steady growth rate of 3.3% - 3.5%, the USA accounts for more than one-fifth of the world’s total retail sales.


Standing out in the USA is difficult, even for the most prominent foreign brands. With so many local and national competitors, brands need an edge that sets them apart in the eyes of potential consumers. DIVISA helps brands with the challenging task of developing true consumer brand awareness in the USA through creative and technical strategies that make a real impact.


Brands need local boots on the ground to facilitate domestic operations and execute domestic strategies. Without a local team, brands will be a step behind their competitors who have local offices, leadership team and employees within the country. DIVISA helps brands set up their own local infrastructure with top talent to ensure local operations and strategies run and deploy smoothly and in a competitive manner.


Local USA fulfillment and delivery is vital in attracting consumers and maximizing profits at every step of the sales process. DIVISA helps brands set up and manage fulfillment facilities and structures across the USA in order to store merchandise and record and process incoming orders. DIVISA also helps brands foster relationships with local delivery companies to ensure fast and cost-effective delivery strategies and methodology.


Running marketing strategies with local talent from a local office is absolutely necessary in ensuring maximum impact and reach in the USA. DIVISA’s seasoned team of marketers helps brands coordinate all aspects of local marketing, including digital marketing, public relations, advertising, customer relation management, and media outreach.



Expand your brand to the United States with the help of DIVISA as your strategic, advisory and management consulting partner. Call or email today to get in touch with one of our higher-ups and learn more. We look forward to speaking with you and learning more about your goals of expansion.

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